Choate realigns MSU staff responsibilities; Robertson now associate head coach


BOZEMAN, Montana – Jeff Choate announced a reordering of responsibilities on his coaching staff Wednesday, an effort to streamline communication and clarify roles during the 2020-21 spring college football season.

B.J. Robertson, MSU’s special teams coach since joining Choate’s original Bobcat staff in 2016, becomes Associate Head Coach. While Jimmy Beal, the team’s running backs coach, remains in his role as recruiting coordinator, Assistant Head Coach and linebackers coach Bobby Daly now coordinates the program’s defensive recruiting.

“I had the opportunity to watch what other programs are going through this fall and how they’ve handled the circumstances we all find ourselves in,” Choate said, “and I think this restructuring gives us a better balance of responsibilities. If for some reason I’m unavailable BJ will manage that game, and that’s an appropriate role for him. He has head coaching experience, and it wouldn’t really disrupt his special teams responsibilities. That also allows everyone else to remain in their game-day roles without any adjustment.”

This restructuring was informed by personal experience, Choate said. “I probably shouldn’t have coached that game in 2018 (at South Dakota State, when he was suffering from appendicitis), but we didn’t have a plan in place. This gives us a plan.”

Choate said Daly’s elevation into a formal recruiting role streamlines the flow of information in that process.

“It creates a more efficient line of communication between the defensive staff and the recruiting coordinator,” he said. “This formalizes the process that has developed over the past few months.”

Press release by Bill Lamberty, Montana State sports information.

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